Professional Development

The Driver Education Provider and Instructor Act, MCL 256.641, requires instructors to certify compliance with the professional development requirements prescribed by the Secretary of State. The requirements must be met during the two years between the date the original certification was issued and the expiration date on the Driver Education Instructor Certificate, and then each two-year renewal cycle thereafter. In order to fulfill these requirements, all instructors must complete a professional development option that has been approved by the Secretary of State. MDTSEA offers the following professional development offering(s) that have been approved by the Secretary of State. Check back often for additional course offerings.

Each course can be completed from the comfort of your home in approximately 3-4 hours.

To register for a course:

1 Click below on the item you want to register for; download and print the registration form. The form contains instructions on how to submit payment and register for the class. Registrants for this class must provide an internet address, since correspondence between the course instructor and the registrant will occur through electronic means.

2 Once we receive your registration form and payment, the course instructor will email you the course reading material (approximately 25 pages) and questions for you to answer. Please read the material, and return your answers to the course instructor. We would also encourage you to complete and return the course evaluation form.

3The instructor will review your answers. If you pass the course, you will be issued a receipt and a certificate of completion. You must keep the certificate in your possession and provide proof of completion to the Michigan Department of State upon renewal.

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